Story writing challenge class 8cdef English

In November our class did a story writing contest that developped into a real challenge! We were editing, commenting and crafting each other’s texts. It was fun to choose the genre for your story. (Adventure story, teen story, crime story, fantasy story, science-fiction) Developing the plot, creating the characters, making decisions about athmosphere and setting – it’s all very exciting if you’re the writer! Above all it’s fascinating to see how different we all are and what inspires students.

  1. The scary house by Sophia Drechsler 1:52
  2. My life by Sarah Miller 4:46
  3. The voice by Marie_Bachmann 2:20
  4. A written dream by Besu Öztoprak 2:15

Thank you for all the work and the enthusiasm you put into the project! Anette Niedermeier